Child Health Care Tips to Keep Your Kid from Getting Sick

Child Health Care Tips to Keep Your Kid from Getting Sick

Finding good, effective child health care tips can be difficult, but take it from a medical professional—it is possible to keep your kids from getting sick more often than they need to. Here are a few you should know.

Some parents just seem to get lucky. Their kids don’t ever seem to get sick, which can be a blessing since parents with sick children often come down with illness themselves. While some of their luck may be attributable to their family’s strong immune systems, more often than not, they know what to do to prevent illness from disrupting their lives.

Ready to start using their knowledge to keep your kids (and yourself) healthy? These child health care tips will help you get started.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Sleep

Did you know that sleep deprivation can more than double your kids’ risk of getting the flu or catching a cold? It’s true—sleep is tightly linked to immune health, so when your kids don’t get enough rest, their immune systems could suffer. Stick to an early bedtime for younger children, and try not to wake them up too early.

Encourage Them to Go Out and Play

Exercise is an essential part of your kids’ health. If your children tend to hang around the house playing video games or watching TV, they might benefit from some good old-fashioned outdoor fun. Instead of turning on Netflix in the afternoon, take them to the park. Even better, organize an outing with their friends.

Cook Them a Balanced Diet

Your kids’ immune system needs a variety of nutrients to function properly. A diet that lacks even one of the food groups can throw their development off balance and cause them to get sick. Be sure that the meals you prepare them include fruits, veggies, protein, and whole grains, and try to limit their sugar intake. One thing that many parents don’t know is that fruit juice can have just as much sugar as soft drinks, if not more. It is always better to eat fruit than to drink it.

Wash Their Hands

The past year and a half has taught us just how important hand washing is for our health. The same applies to your kids. Help your kids create a habit of washing their hands after they play outside, before meals, and after touching surfaces in public areas. Young children have a tendency to touch their faces and put fingers in their mouths, so the earlier you start helping them build good hygiene habits, the less likely they will be to get sick.

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