1 Critical Way Fit Life Pediatric Consultants Is Making Child Health Easier

1 Critical Way Fit Life Pediatric Consultants Is Making Child Health Easier

Health care is changing rapidly year after year. Because of the pandemic, the past year has shown that telehealth care is here to stay. Here’s how Fit Life Pediatric Consultants is making child health visits easier.

As a pediatrician, I know how difficult it can be to bring your child in for regular check-ups. Adding to that the times when your child is under the weather, and your already busy schedule can become overcrowded.

Thankfully, technology has allowed us to cut out a lot of the travel and waiting that used to take up our time. In the health care industry, telehealth visits have helped to reduce the number of in-person visits, which has been invaluable for many parents. I am proud to say that I offer virtual telehealth services so that you can fit your child’s care into your busy schedule.

In this post, I want to talk about how telehealth works at Fit Life Pediatric Consultants. But first…

What is telehealth care?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, telehealth is “the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies to provide care when you and the doctor are not in the same place at the same time.” It is a convenient—and with the risk of coronavirus infection, safe—way to meet with your child’s doctor.

In some cases, telehealth uses technologies like videoconferencing, chat messaging, email, and voice calling. Here’s what telehealth means at Fit Life.

How does virtual health care work at Fit Life Pediatric Consultants?

If you are interested in taking advantage of our telehealth services, all you have to do is call (305.777.3505) to schedule an appointment. After you book your telehealth visit, we may ask you to answer some questions on a secure form. Once you submit the completed form, we will send you a link to a video call via email.

While telehealth will not be appropriate for every appointment, I can give you guidance on steps to take based on your child’s symptoms on the call. You should make sure that your child can be on video with you during the call so that I can observe them as much as possible.

Telehealth is an excellent option when your child is experiencing non-critical symptoms. For example, if your child is experiencing cold, flu, or upset stomach symptoms, I may be able to help them find relief over a video call. In some cases, when you need a quick answer to a question about your child’s health care, meeting virtually is the better option.

Get in Touch with Fit Life Pediatric Consultants to Book a Virtual Appointment

If you have any questions about our telehealth services, please do not hesitate to ask.

Are you interested in speaking to a pediatrician who offers virtual care? Want to learn more about this exciting new health care option? Contact me today. I will guide you in whatever way I can.