4 Surprising Reasons to Choose a Holistic Pediatrician for Your Child

4 Surprising Reasons to Choose a Holistic Pediatrician for Your Child

If you are in search of a new doctor for your child, a holistic pediatrician may be the right choice. This article offers a few benefits to picking a pediatrician who takes a holistic approach.

Choosing a pediatrician to oversee your child’s healthcare can be stressful. As a parent, you want to be sure that every decision you make regarding your child’s health and wellbeing is the correct one, but fully understanding the implications of your choice is difficult when you do not have the education and training of a doctor.

Part of my job as a patient-facing healthcare professional is to make your decisions easier by giving you the information you need to feel empowered. I want to help you understand what can be gained by making the decision to see a holistic pediatrician. These four reasons will give you some insight.

You Want a Doctor Who Takes a Holistic Approach

Many doctors treat the symptoms rather than the underlying issues causing them. While doctors from all training backgrounds have their patients’ best interests in mind when treating them, the approach can affect the efficacy of their treatment methods.

Being a holistic pediatrician means accounting for the health of the whole body, not only the symptoms that are readily apparent upon examination.

You Want to Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs as Much as Possible

Choosing whether to medicate your child is a critical decision. In some cases, it is absolutely necessary, but if you are worried about the possibility of overmedication, a pediatrician who takes a holistic approach can help alleviate your fears.

Pain is an especially difficult symptom to relieve. Medications, such as prescription opioids and even over-the-counter painkillers, often only mask the problem and can lead to further injury if the underlying cause is not found and treated.

Your Current Pediatrician Doesn’t Listen to Your Concerns

Doctors are, unfortunately, only human. We are susceptible to being dismissive toward our patients just as much as any other person. As a holistic pediatrician, though, I strive to make sure that I fully understand all of my patient’s complaints—as well all of the concerns that their parents have—before I offer guidance or treatment. By focusing on the whole-body health of our patients, we are less likely to think that we have the answers before we do a full examination.

You Haven’t Had Success Getting the Treatment Your Child Needs

Certain conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat. Pediatricians who take a holistic approach use all the tools that conventional physicians use—lab testing, physical examination, and medical history, to name a few—but we also use other knowledge to our advantage. For instance, we may consider dietary habits and emotional factors, as well.

Talk to a Holistic Pediatrician Today to Learn More about Your Options

The decisions you make about your child’s health are important, including the doctor you choose for them.

Are you interested in speaking to a pediatrician with a holistic approach to learn more about what we do? Contact me today. I will guide you in whatever way I can.